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things ollie thinks would be fun to do on acid:

a day trip to france and visit the eifle tower
go swimming
build a tree-house
go to funland in piccadily london
sit in a police waiting room for no reason at all
go sailing
play jenga
bake some cookies
buy a wedding dress
take up life-insurence
go to a fire-works display
go to a baptism
go to alton towers
write a childrens story book
go pot-holeing/absailing
go quaser
have a beer in the devs
get a job on BBC 1 so you can walk around in the background whilst they present the news
take up sewing
play hide and seek in a graveyard
play hide and seek in st pauls cathedral
replace a fuse in a plug
deepfat fry some acorns
watch finding nemo
see what you can attach to your face with super-glue
play bogies
slip some porno magazines into the library bookshelfs
visit brixton

im sure theres other things that could be added............
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