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Star Wars made me sex wee wee so bloody hard.....i mean if i sex wee weed any harder it would've been copmming out from under my fingernails!!!

ok so apart from the movie being beyound all my wildest dreams.........FUCK SEX...MORE OF THE STAR WARS MATEY....THAT'LL GET ME THOUGH!!!

ok anyway.....

after the movie wich i decided to watch in Camden i decided to wonder to the Devs where i ran into some crazy friend of mine....dubed "my stalker" (silenzo on here or Jeremy) on his way with a group....A GROUP of people to the underworld, to listen to "METAL"!!!

as i resighted over how this took me back to my youth (wich im offically allowed to say now) the bouncers caught naughty Jeremy and a naughty accomplise doing naughty in the toilets...not naughty cuddles......but naughty happy dust!!!

so "removed" from the club we headed over to the crowbar in good'ol soho....hanging around having the good'ol fashioned happy drink...who should walk in.....why that guy............the lead singer from "IRON MAIDEN".......BRUCE DICKENSON or something........now to be honest i dont appreciate the guy that much really, never being much of a fan to his music....so i spoke to him about absolute bollocks.....Ollie style!!!

we had a mature convosation about the magic of bubbles in beer bottles and then we sang the spongebob squarepants theme-tune......and then i pretended to be his body-guard to protect him from some foreighn person whome he couldn't understand.......after dragging a muchly overly obbsessive fan Jeremy away from the poor guy much happy dust was snorted...till we were eventually tossed out with the rest of the garbage at closing time....then off to Jeremys to have much more happy dust and alcohol!!!

what can i say apart from WOW

i'd like to say i got a photo with him or an autograph but to be honest he really shoul've been asking me for one :D

nice guy......shame i dont appreciate him for the legend he apparently is :D

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