0nce w@s @ t0@d, 1 k1ssed s0me sh1t n0w 1m 0lLi3>< (flidcania) wrote,
0nce w@s @ t0@d, 1 k1ssed s0me sh1t n0w 1m 0lLi3><

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title or description

*implodes with giggles*
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That just looks MING*shudders*
personally i think it looks really attractive......

*thinks about if Ollie really should've typed that*
you thikn thats funny!!!

if you put a little face on it, it looks like my dad in a polo-neck:D
what do you mean "YUK" thats my breakfast tomorrow..........

think i'll have breakfast in bed.....hee hee
eugh you are disgusting ;P
Damn you! I was in the middle of a bowl of pasta and decided to check my friends page and now I can eat anymore!
maybe now people will listen to me about how mayonaise is just gone off egg :D
Too hairy.....
that just looks like a hairy, wrinkly egg... *has realisation*... EW!
HA HA HA thats fantastic!!!

actually that looks like my bunny rabbit downstairs......hmm......

*goes downstairs to check bunny*