0nce w@s @ t0@d, 1 k1ssed s0me sh1t n0w 1m 0lLi3>< (flidcania) wrote,
0nce w@s @ t0@d, 1 k1ssed s0me sh1t n0w 1m 0lLi3><

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OH POOOOOOOOOO............

Silly, Silly Ollie

i've spent the whole day sleeping, it started this morning as i left SEone whilst waiting for the bus,

then i spent all day sleeping in starbucks, appaently holding a convosation whilst unconsious.....(apparently i was making sence till i said something about "munchkins", now to be honest i dont know if i should belive that......what in gods name are Munchkins anyway???)......whilst dribbling continuesly.........

quite embarresing really.......but then again when do i ever really have control of what comes out my mouth at the weekend :D

then a nice train journey home where i found out 2xbig eat salt and vinegar crisps are not your friends when you've forgot to buy a drink.......

then back home, had a couple of milkybar yougarts (their delish bitches) and fell asleep to star trek.......waking up thinking it must be early in the morning when actually it's 11:40 can be a slight bit misleading.......AND NOW IM WIDE AWAKE!!!

*switches on UV light*

oh well i suppose it isnt all bad.....

*looks at TV realises its some American police car chase program*

....yes it is
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