0nce w@s @ t0@d, 1 k1ssed s0me sh1t n0w 1m 0lLi3>< (flidcania) wrote,
0nce w@s @ t0@d, 1 k1ssed s0me sh1t n0w 1m 0lLi3><

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i think i just did a bit of a sticky wee wee in my underwear as i could've sworn i just saw an advert for the dragonball z movies comming soon to toonami!!! and if thats not anouth of a reason to do a messy then i dont know what is........

ollie a bit upset because Ollie brought new game for his PC but my computer dosnt even have half the memory that it needs.......like bloody hell how much does a game need!!!...yet my Dad has got on the case of ordering more to let me play my game wich is prity neato of i do say so...........

now to decide if i want to remember this weekend or not...........*thinks wether or not theres a lesson to learn from last weekend........dosnt remember any lesson that might of been learnt.......*
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